Lanie Beams

Role of DNA in Biotechnology

DNA technology allows us to perform DNA tests to figure out probability of genetic disorders before a baby is born. If there is a sign of a disorder DNA biotechnology can repair the genetic disorder with gene therapy. DNA biotechnology can identify a missing person and even identify murder.

Biotechnology used in DNA Testing

In criminal investigations, samples of hair, body fluids, and skin at a crime scene are collected and set side by side using DNA fingerprinting technology with those taken from the suspected person.

Biotechnology used in the Heath Industry

Some examples of biotechnology used in the medical field are making vaccines and prescription drugs, determining genetic origins of disease, and producing organs for organ transplants between members of different species.

Biotechnology used in Agriculture

Biotechnology used in agriculture provides farmers with tools thats can make a product cheaper and easier to manage. Some biotechnology crops can be made to be resistant to certain plant diseases and pests. Production of crops can sometimes help countries keep a good pace for food.

Biotechnology used in Bioremediation

Biotechnology is used in bioremediation by cleaning the environment. To do so, genetically engineered microorganisms and fungi clean pollutants and contaminants. Bacteria decomposes dead materials into organic matter and nutrients.

Negative Impacts of Biotechnology

Some people have potential allergies or allergic reactions to some parts of biotechnology. Sometimes biotechnology can form genes with common soil bacteria causing Bacillus Thuringiensis as a risk for the environment.

Orthodontics and Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a big part of orthodontics or any dentistry for that matter. Before you get braces, the orthodontist has to take x-rays of your teeth to know where you need fixing or predicting how long you will have braces. If you are getting Invisalign, the orthodontist uses a machine to take pictures of your teeth for your teeth molds. They also use a machine that looks like a pen with a blue light to dry the glue when you have a bracket put on your tooth or a bracket replaced. Orthodontists fix dental irregularities or prevents it. Commonly, orthodontist put braces on people. After you are finished with your treatment, your teeth are aligned and your jaw is in place. I had braces for 2 1/2 years and now I have Invisalign.

Biotechnology Research Center in North Carolina

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center is located in Durham, North Carolina.

North Carolina's National Rank in Biotechnology

A survey in Santa Monica, California ranked educational institutions worldwide on biotechnology patents and tech transfers. The Carolinas ranked 28th, 41st, and 25th. Carolina was in the top 4 industries in the south in all data. The Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area was ranked 20th by the institution in the biotech clusters.