VCR E Lesson 6 Presentation

Clare Broud

Which word best fits this sentence?

Florence Nightingale, a famous nurse of the 1800s, suffered from a type of (Fill in the blank here ), known as "Crimean Fever," where one irrationally believes that they will die soon.
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Hypochondria- (n.) A psychological disorder characterized by the illusory conviction that one is ill or in pain, or likely to become so.

Other Forms

  • Hypochondriac- (n.) a person who is abnormally anxious about their health.
  • Hypochondriacal- (adj.) of or affected by hypochondria.


  • valetudinarian
  • paranoid
  • phobic
  • neurotic


  • euphoric
  • nonchalant
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More About Hypochondria

  • It is a pretty common disease, with around 200,000 cases seen in America every year.
  • A chronic but treatable disease.
  • A psychosomatic disease (mental illness, physical manifestations)
  • Pandemics cause an increase in Hypochondriacs
  • With the rise of the internet and WebMD, cyberchondria has appeared
  • Can be triggered by traumatic events or genetics
  • Behavioral therapy is the most common treatment

source: wikipedia

Famous People with Hypochondria

  • Hans Christian Anderson
  • Charles Darwin
  • Edgar Allen Poe
  • Andy Warhol
  • Tennessee Williams
  • Howard Hughes


Which of these sentences uses hypochondria incorrectly?

1. With medication, hypochondriacal thoughts can be controlled.

2. Because they are constantly around death and sickness, it is not uncommon for doctors to develop hypochondria.

3. Her hypochondria was terminal; the doctors said she had one month to live before her organs began shutting down.

4. As a hypochondriac, he spent thousands of dollars fruitlessly seeking treatment and diagnosis for diseases that he did not have.

Sentence three uses hypochondria incorrectly

Hypochondria does not fit in this sentence because if her cancer was terminal, than it was a very much real disease, and not a perceived disease.