Imagine It! Build It! Fly It!

By: Callie Smith, Claire Vance, Emma Dlhosh, Emma Wilson

Cali Kites


We have many offices around the globe but we started and house our main producing office in San Diego, California. We chose California because it is very warm and sunny making it a very good production point. Also, California is a very productive location because it has windy beaches so almost any day is a good flying day.


We came up with the money from my great aunt, Shirley. She had a very strong passion for kites and has been donating small amounts of money over the year trying to support our dream. We also all got a small loan from the bank that we will repay once we earn the money.


-Dowels from China
-Plastic from Japan
-Streamers from U.S
-Fishing line from Canada
-Paper Mashe from Mexico

Capital Resources

We as a company don't need any capital resources except scissors because we hand make all of our kites. All of our kites are made with quality and care, giving you the best kite we can offer.

Human Resources

Since we are only using human resources, we will need many. Here is the list of our human resources that we will need:
  • Engineer
  • Manager
  • Skilled Workers
  • Production Manager
  • Salesman
  • Entrepreneur

Proudut Description

Our bestselling kite is the Della Porta Kite. This kite consists of a plain rectangle body with loop tails and any pattern you choose. You should buy our product because it is fun for all ages and has a relatively low price for a handmade product. The product is $5.00 per kite but if you want any extra decorations or tails you need to pay $0.50 along with the five dollars. You can purchase our product online at our website, in sections at craft stores labeled Cali Kites, or call our number to purchase over the phone.

One of Our Final Products of the Della Porta Kite:

Thanks for Watching Our Smore On Kites!