Operation Brain Quest

Celebrating learning during "Read Across Broadway Week"

Brain Quest Summer Learning

Hello amazing families,

We are excited to be able to give our students a Brain Quest book to support summer learning. The funding for this came from our title I funds. This funding comes our free and reduced lunch forms. Our new forms will be available July 1 and we would like all of our families to complete the form. Look for an email from us after that time.

Every student is receiving a book that will give them learning to prepare for next school year. We are designing a program that will give students rewards for work completed in Brain Quest and some activities from the book can even be used as a piece of evidence for Empower next year. Every student is receiving a book that will give them learning to prepare for next school year. It is new learning so it is okay to support them with helping them to understand the concepts as needed. Have them work through as much as they can to earn rewards coming into next school year. We will share more information about this program as the time comes but wanted to let you know the books are on their way today. Remote learning students will receive their books when they turn in their Chromebooks for the year.

How can your students earn rewards?

  • Work on all activities in the Brain Quest book through out the summer
  • Keep the book clean and in good shape so students can show their new teacher their completed work when they return in the fall
  • It is okay for parents to support with new concepts but have the students do the work independently. This will help us to assess and understand what they know when they return. If you need to help them a lot, please put a star on the page so we know that.
  • Plan for 20 minutes a day maximum. We don't want students to burn out and we want to continue to have them excited for learning.
  • Feel free to work through all of the different content areas (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • In addition to this book, continue to read to your child and have them read on their own as well. Reading every day is one of the best ways to strengthen early literacy skills and prepare them to be strong readers.

We are excited to continue to support your child with their education and future goals. Should you have questions about this program, feel free to give us a call at (303) 428-1884 or email Mrs. Trujillo at (Ctrujillo@westminsterpublicschools)


Claudette Trujillo

Principal, Metropolitan Arts Academy

Big picture

Ideas for Celebrating Reading

Themed Reading Week (These are just possibilities)

  • Monday- Read about families or communities
  • Tuesday- Read funny books
  • Wednesday- Read about inspiring leaders
  • Thursday- Read great informational texts like newspapers or magazines
  • Friday- Read your favorite books

Take It Outside

Head outside to read in a nature area.

Glow Day Reading

Transform your room into a glowing place to read. Incorporate glow sticks, flashlights, etc. to shine a light on books.

Book Character Day

Dress Up as Your Favorite Book Character while you read

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