The Plain Kansas City

( The one in Missouri, not Kansas )

Today is

Monday, June 3rd, 11:45am

Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, MO

Today's Forecast

It’s a nice day to go for a walk, as it is 61.4ºF outside, with no precipitation. There is going to be fair winds blowing from the east at 1 mph, the humidity is 65% and the barometric pressure is 30.05 inches, which is high pressure. High pressure days consist of fair, pleasant weather. The sky will hold few clouds, but the average wind speed is 8.8 mph across the state. The high today is 65º and the low is 46º. Guess what! Tonight is going to be a full harvest moon, so have fun stargazing!

Deerfield SoundCloud 2

Kansas City Missouri C R by Deerfield SoundCloud 2

How This Will Effect Your Day

Today is room temperatre (60º-70º), so you don’t need to wear one of those light fleeces. It won't be very windy so don't worry about losing your hat. No bad weather to slow down traffic so you will be on time for work. If you're going to go outside, wear sunscreen because it will be sunny.


Under foot are many caves, so a lot of fog will come up from underground rivers. Because Kansas City is mostly covered by land (99%) the temperatures will vary throughout the state. There is no ocean to act as a giant air conditioner. There are hot summers and cold winters. The average humidity is 65%.

Taum Sauk Mountain

This mountain is the highest point in Missouri at 1,772 feet above sea level.


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