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November 16, 2015

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Teaching & Learning

Assessments: Please see the Assessment Expectations for all assessments that must be given this trimester ( Assessment Expectation Document Contact Julissa if you need help figuring out your assessments.

Report cards: Report card tool is open. PD on December 2nd will be dedicated to completing Report Cards. Please do not wait until the last minute to sign in and look around. If you are new to the system, you should really log in and make sure you have support BEFORE you begin report cards.

Testing Window: Testing minimum days begin tomorrow. Please help spread the word that November 17th, 18th & 19th are minimum days. The staff work day is the same (regular schedule) during these minimum days. All Winter assessment data is due Friday December 4th (hard deadline).

F&P Retell: When assessing, please make sure you are being rigorous with your expectations of what each one of our students should be able to do. Students in Kindergarten should be able to tell the main character's name and the main idea. In first grade, they should be giving you the main character, main idea, problem, and steps to resolve the problem. In second grade, students should have all of the above and include the main character's feelings and traits.

Professional Practice Goals: Please make sure to get these into TeachBoost if you haven't done so yet.

Science Integrated ELD: According to our feedback form, many of you are still confused (or even more so) about our integrated ELD lessons. Please reach out to Julissa if you would like her to model a lesson or to think through your lesson planning. Your computer time would be a perfect time for this.

Reading Instruction: Please remember that our instructional agreements include small group work and conferring everyday during your Reader's workshop. Our goal is to make our conferences 3 minutes each, to see 1 small group everyday and to keep our mini-lessons at 5 minutes (no longer than 10 minutes).

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Timing is everything or, at the very least, it is a very important component of a successful lesson. The last few weeks I have had the privilege of sitting in on some amazing lessons. One common theme emerged from all of the lessons. You guessed it. Timing! Direct instruction was minimized, student work maximized. Teacher talk minimized, student talk maximized. Agendas on the board had both clear objectives and times to help students orient themselves and prime students for the learning they will engage in. In Ms. Guy's class a timer was used to help keep students accountable to the learning task and developed a sense of urgency around the completion of the task (see above and notice the anchor chart to support students). Here is a link to a short video about a simple practice like using a timer can help keep students on task.

School Culture

Chants: SEI strand’s week

Leader of the Week: Bilingual strand’s week

Awards Night: Awards night is scheduled for Tuesday December 8th @ 5-6:30pm. The link below has the criteria for awards this year. Please take a look at it and start thinking about which of your students will be receiving an award. ( Award Creteria Doc. ) We will also recognize students who have are on track to meeting the school wide goal of 1.5 years reading growth according to F&P. I'm developing a simpler tool to help teachers calculate what that would be for each student. School Culture is asking that teachers (including science, art, intervention and PE) get us their lists of awards winners by November 30th. We will send out Awards Night invites to parents on December 2nd.

Ally Month: Thanks to everyone who worked to get their Ally Boards up. There are some great ones, so make sure to go and check them out.

Science Night: This Wednesday is our Science Night sponsored by Random Acts of Science and led by astronomers from Chabot Space Center. Event is scheduled for October 18 @ 5pm. Please help spread the word.

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Parents in Ms. Brown's class brought in some amazing treats ( egg eyeballs, mice pears and dice made from cheese ) for their Friday Lunch Bunch.

AWE Holiday Party

Friday, Dec. 18th, 6:30pm

1095 Begier Avenue

San Leandro, CA

White Elephant time is near! Please RSVP. More details to come : )

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Acorn Woodland Vets will get the picture below. Beware of the Blue Chones

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