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#ThomsonRocks Week of: September 17, 2018

Important Information for You!

Constitution Day is Monday!

Constitution Day is on Monday, September 17th. Remember to join students and wear your Red, White, and Blue. During morning announcements, I will include information about Constitution Day as well. Please be sure to include your planning for Constitution Day in your lesson plans, email Dena activities that you're doing, and email Michelle Edwards regarding anything special that may be a good photo opportunity (send me pics too please).

Watch DOGS Kick-off

As you may be aware, Thomson will hold it's annual Watch DOGS kick-off on Tuesday, September 25th. We have two scheduled presentations, one at 4:30 p.m. and one at 6:00 p.m. Each time slot lasts about one hour. In order for the kick-off to be a success, I need staff volunteers to help. Please email me if you are able to help. Pizza dinner and a 'special thank you' will be given to any staff member that volunteers for both sessions. Thanks for considering, we can do it without you!

NWEA-MAP Testing & Early Release Day

I have to say, I am amazed by how well the students did with NWEA Testing last week and I look forward to seeing the reports and learning more about them. In the testing sessions I was in, the students were so focused on the test and I was very impressed at the professional judgement made by teachers to continue the test to completion for most students. If you do have students who have not completed both the math and the reading tests, please work with Megan Campbell to determine when this will be done.

As you know, you are able to review MAP reports at any time, but don't forget that our Early Release on September 26th is dedicated to this topic. Teachers will report to the Middle School Community Room from 2:15-3:45 p.m. to learn from NWEA representatives. From 3:45-5:15 p.m. teachers will meet in their PLC groups to really dig into their classroom/PLC data and plan for instruction and intervention.

ALICE Training Follow-up

I want to thank you all for your attention and teamwork during our ALICE Training last week. Jerry, Paul, Matt, and Chad did an amazing job and I've heard from many of you that you feel the same. While it is difficult for any of us to truly be 'prepared' for a crisis like that would require an ALICE response, I think we all have a new sense of how we might respond. We will continue the conversations and be determining next steps for teaching our students these safety strategies, but in the meantime I just want you to continue to think about: If you had to get the kids out, how would you? If you had to barricade a door, how would you? Where in your classroom are the multiple places students could go and not be seen from the door? Remember this week's lockdown drill will consist of a soft lockdown were you will focus on the multiple locations in your classroom kids could go. If you think of things or have questions, please let me know.

Cardinal Code Focus of the Week: Cafeteria

As you review/reteach Cardinal Code in the Cafeteria this week, please be sure to review the following points:

  • Using your Quiet Voice when talking to friends. Please revisit the signs/centerpieces that are a visual reminder to the students.
  • Please remember that you are to stay seated.
  • Make sure all of your trash ends up in the garbage.
  • Raise your hand for help or if you need to go to the bathroom.

Thank you for taking the time to formally review these points and the Cardinal Code Cafeteria lesson.

Parent Communication Documentation

There has been discussion about where staff should be documenting parent communication. At our General Admin. Meeting last week, Student Services Director, Holly Halabicky, shared that moving forward teachers in DK-6 should be using SIDR to document parent communication. In grades 7-12, teachers will use Synergy. This will help as students move from building to building or as staff from Student Services are looking for information. If you have any questions about what or when documentation should take place or how to use SIDR, please let me know.

Science Consumables Orders

As Amanda Barrett shared at our curriculum meeting, the District is supplying teachers with science consumable money to use to toward the supplies needed to implement the online science curriculum. Every teacher will have $183 to spend. This number has changed a bit to accommodate all teachers in grades DK-4. Teachers may order for themselves or 'partner up' in PLC groups to get more 'bang for your buck'. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Davison Homecoming Information

It’s time to celebrate Homecoming at Davison Community Schools and the theme this year is Pixar. Two flyers will go home this week, highlighting Spirit Week and participation in the Homecoming Parade. As always, I highly encourage certified staff to participate in the Homecoming Parade, but all staff are welcome. If you will be walking in the parade with us, please let me know.

Students and staff are invited to participate in Spirit Week in the following ways:

Monday, September 24-Inside Out Day

Celebrate the Pixar film Inside Out by wearing your clothes inside out.

Tuesday, September 25-Be Incredible

Celebrate the Pixar film The Incredibles by participating in Super Hero Day.

Wednesday, September 26-Show Up & Be Kind!

Celebrate the Pixar film Up by honoring boy scout Russell for his service to Mr. Fredricksen on Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Thursday, September 27-Disney Day

Celebrate Disney’s Partnership with Pixar on Disney Day.

Friday, September 28-School Spirit Day

Celebrate our schools by wearing your Central or Davison shirts. Go CARDS!

Growth Plans

Growth Plans were due to me by Friday, September 14th. We will then revise the Areas of Focus and Action Steps in our Growth Plan meetings. If you haven't submitted it, please do so right away.

Past and Future Jeans Day Coupons

I have given lots of thought to jean day coupons. If you have coupons from year(s) past, they must be used by October 25, 2018. Moving forward any jeans day coupons that are given out will include an expiration date of the end of the year.

Breakthrough Coach-Coaching Days

As I have shared, I am really trying to stick to the Breakthrough Coach philosophy (which does not include me working on this newsletter on Sunday night, but I am working on it). Anna has added Coaching Days and Office Days into my calendar. I understand there has been some questions regarding coaching days and what that means for teachers/staff. The simple answer is 'it might not mean anything other than I am out and about in classrooms'. If there are things I need to work on that I can quietly do in a classroom, I may bring my work with me. I may just sit and observe. If possible and without causing a distraction, I may interact with the kids. I may also do a formal observation. If I am doing a formal observation, you will get an email from PIVOT, just as always. If I am just working or observing, I may leave a note or just quietly leave. The whole idea is that I want to be out where the work is happening, in your classrooms, not in my office. I look forward to spending more time in your classrooms and with your kids!

Quotes Worth Reading

"When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do AMAZING things."

-Joe Namath

"If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you."

-Les Brown

Here's to an AMAZING week!

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Celebrations & Announcements

Birthdays: Martha Goyette, September 22nd...Happy Birthday!

Constitution Day is Monday, September 17th, don't forget to wear your Red, White, and Blue!

Don't forget...Social Committee Dues were due by Friday, September 14th.

Make your calendars...Homecoming Parade is September 28th! I hope you will consider walking with our students and families!

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, September 17th-PTO Meeting, 6:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday, September 18th-Picture Day!
  • Wednesday, September 19th-Lockdown Drill with ALICE procedures; Staff Meeting, 7:35 a.m. (Agenda: ALICE, NWEA/MAP Testing, Schedules & Literacy)
  • Thursday, September 20th-Elementary Principals Meeting (Natalie); CMC 4-7 p.m.
  • Friday, September 21st-Leadership Team Meeting, 7:15 a.m.
  • Week of September 23rd-PLC Week
  • Monday, September 24th-Inside Out Day; Motor Moms and Days begins; ACC 4:15-6:15 p.m.
  • Tuesday, September 25th-Be Incredible/Super Hero Day; Watch DOGS Kick-off, Volunteers Needed.
  • Wednesday, September 26-Show Up & Be Kind Day; Early Release Day (See schedule above)

  • Thursday, Sepember 27th-Disney Day

  • Friday, September 28th-School Spirit Day; Homecoming Parade, line up by 4:30 p.m.