Cyber Ethics

Arista Richie

Instant Messaging

  1. Make sure you don't give out personal information
  2. Use a screen name so you don't give away your exact name
  3. Don't agree to meet up with strangers that you happen to talk to


  1. Use only appropriate words, in other words- don't curse and "flame"
  2. It's better not to open links from email addresses that you are not familiar with
  3. Know that not emails are private
  4. make sure to read thoroughly through an entire forward before you send it out

Social Media

  1. Don't talk down towards anyone that you are virtually friends with
  2. Don't accept those who you don't know
  3. Keep your profiles private so that nobody you don't know can't go through it

Downloading Music and Movies offline

  • This is illegal, so you shouldn't try to do this
  • Downloading music or movies is stealing property
  • You can get caught, and if you are, you can get fined and jailed