Friday Focus

December 11, 2015

Thank you

I so appreciate everything our staff does to make Norfolk Catholic the great place it is! I appreciate the "regular" stuff you do (the stuff in your job description), but I REALLY love when I hear about staff members going above and beyond by working with students before and after school, taking tickets, volunteering to work in the concession stand, helping with Spirit, and spending extra time in prayer with students. Keep up the wonderful work....and thank you!

Hope You Are Having a Blessed Advent

Not only do I hope you are being able to "wait patiently" this Advent, I also am hopeful that your Jubilee of Mercy has gotten off to a great start.

I follow Bishop Robert Barron on Twitter and have been reading his daily Advent reflections (I attached one in this FF). He also has published his Top 10 Resources for the Year of Mercy. You can find them here:

Hours of Adoration

Our Parish still is looking to fill a few more hours, so we can have Perpetual Adoration at St. Mary's Church. Kelli and I are signed up for an hour. We've never done it before, but are looking forward to it. Please consider taking an hour to spend with our Lord. The following is an e-mail from Dr. David Lux; his words are better than anything I could add:

When we had the meeting about perpetual adoration in our parish I accepted the invitation and switched my Holy Hour from Sunday 9 P.M. to Thursday 3 A.M. This is what I have discovered: Though I go to bed a little earlier I find myself laying awake or waking up an hour before my time in anxious anticipation that reminds me of the excitement that many of us feel the night before a big fishing or hunting trip when we are too excited to sleep. Though I would find myself fighting dozing during my evening hour I find myself more focused during the early morning hour and I find that I run out of hour before I run out of prayer. I have had no scheduling conflicts with my early morning hour. Though I may be a bit short on sleep after my vigil the Holy Spirit lifts me on eagles wings through the following day.

Thanks Dene, Natalie, Nancy, Jamie, and Samantha for a great music concert!

2nd & 6th grade again decorate cookies for Advent project

I'm not exactly sure of the total amount, but does this year's donation push us over the 10,000 cookie mark?

Please share the Advent projects/events/traditions that you are practicing in your classrooms or in your homes. Share them with me, share them on Twitter, share them on Facebook, share them with Stephanie Chandler so she can share them on our message boards and with the Daily News. Share the joy!

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Upcoming Events

Sunday, Dec. 13

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe--2PM
  • ABLAZE--7 PM

Monday, Dec. 14

  • (HS) Prayer service at St. Mary's--8 AM

Wednesday, Dec. 16

  • (HS) Reconciliation at 10:30 and 1:00 PM

Monday, Dec. 21

  • Final Day with students at Elementary
  • Semester Tests at High School

Tuesday, Dec. 22

  • Staff Mass at 7:30 AM
  • Staff Breakfast at 8:00 AM
  • Semester Tests at High School
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