The Challenger Dispatch

Week 1 May 4-8, 2015

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher appreciation week is upon us! While I think it is kind to show appreciation to all of you this week, I think I could do a much better job showing you appreciation on a more regular basis. Over the course of this year alone, there have been MANY times that I have felt real appreciation for one or more of you and time has flown by and I didn't say "thank you" or "I appreciate what you did" or "I know what good work you did on this" or "I see how hard you're working" or "thank you for taking such good care of your students" or "I love your sense of humor" or " I can see how much you care" or "your persistence has paid off" or" I can see how much you love your job".

I am VERY fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of educators. THANK YOU for what you do this and every day for our students and the field of education!

Lunch on me

Wednesday, May 6th, 10:30am

The work room in the kinder area

Please come and get a plate of lunch. Unless you have parent coverage for lunch, I'm afraid you'll need to eat with kids, but you'll have pretty food on a pretty plate :-)

Staff Meeting

Wednesday, May 6th, 2:45pm

Media Center

Please bring your PBL book.

PTA Luncheon

Friday, May 8th, 10:30am

Media Center

Lunch is served by our AWESOME PTA. Enjoy!
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