Art At Home

Week of March 31, 2020

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A Message from Ms. Roberson!

Herod Art At Home!

This week we are going to be exploring WINDOW RAINBOWS!

Hello my amazing artists! I am missing all of you!

This week we are going to be exploring WINDOW RAINBOWS!

After every storm comes the sun and if you are lucky a rainbow will emerge from the clouds!

I want to encourage everyone at home to make a rainbow to put in their window! Take a walk with your family and see how many rainbows you can find!

Use these rainbows as a reminder that this storm will soon pass,

and we will all see a rainbow after!

Be well, stay safe, and know that we will all be together soon!

If possible, take a photo of your rainbow that you make and post it to social media with the hashtag:


We are all in this together even if it means we have to stay apart!

Art Experiences Just For YOU!

1. Watch this cool video about the whole rainbow in the window trend!

2. Make a rainbow to hang in your window! Draw a chalk rainbow outside! You can also make a rainbow with toys, all colors! Line up your hotwheel cars in rainbow order….Make a rainbow out of your Legos? Any materials you can find is perfect!

3. Check out these cool video about Rainbows! It’s my favorite!
They Might Be Giants - Roy G Biv (official TMBG video)

4. One of my favorite contemporary artists that is super rainbow inspired is artist Jen Stark. Check out this video about her psychedelic rainbows! Create a work of art inspired by her!

1. Visit Jen Stark’s webpage and download a coloring sheet of her art!

Here Is the PDF for the coloring sheet! Click the image to download and print one for yourself!