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I just wanted to send out a quick flyer to highlight some of the new books that you may find interesting and helpful this year. As always, if you need something, let me know, and I will be happy to put it on my list and go digging for the best there is. Also, if you are interested in collaborating, let me know. We have technology! Have a great day! ~Laurie


Fleischman, Paul. Eyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines.

Kallen, Stuart A. Running Dry: The Global Water Crisis.


Brimner, Larry Dane. Strike! The Farm Workers' Fight for Their Rights.

Young, Jeff. Hugo Chavez: Leader of Venezuela.

Des Chenes, Elizabeth, ed. Banned Books.

Hinds, Gareth. Macbeth. (Graphic Novel).

Hoose, Phillip. The Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club.

Kor, Eva Mozes and Lisa Rojany Buccieri. Surviving the Angel of Death.

Lusted, Marcia Amidon. The Roaring Twenties.

Marcovitz, Hal. Life in Nazi Germany.

Marrin, Albert. FDR and the American Crisis.

McCully, Emily Arnold. Ida M. Tarbell: The Woman Who Challenged Big Business--and Won!

Nardo, Don. Life in a Nazi Concentration Camp.

Schanzer, Rosalyn. Witches! The Absolutely True Tale of Disaster in Salem.

Wells, Stanley. The Shakespeare Book.


Alderfer, Jonathan, ed. The Complete Birds of North America.

Boursin, Didier. Origami for Everyone.

Temko, Florence. Origami Airplanes.


Freeman, Judy and Caroline Feller Bauer. The Handbook for Storytellers.


Friedman, Lauri S. Animal Rights.

Gay, Kathlyn. Bigotry and Intolerance: The Ultimate Teen Guide.

Gitlin, Marty. Cyber Attack.

Halls, Kelly Milner. Ghostly Evidence: Exploring the Paranormal.

Miller, Karen, ed. The Achievement Gap.

Watkins, Christine, ed. Biological Warfare.

Zott, Lynn M, ed. Alternative Medicine.


Reef, Catherine. Frida & Diego: Art, Love, Life.


The College Board. The Official SAT Study Guide.

Nevin, Justin. "Is it Easy Being Green"?: Writing the New College Application Essay.

Thompson, Laurie Ann. Be a Changemaker: How to Start Something that Matters.

Hope to see you in the library soon!