AP Language Final Newsletter

Final Exam vs. GA Milestone: Clearing the Confusion

Contrary to what I told you earlier this semester, EVERY student will take the final exam within the course. It will count as 20% of your final grade in our course.

Your school may also schedule you to take the American Lit/Comp GA milestone test if you are using AP Lang to satisfy the state requirement for American Lit. However, this no longer has any impact on your final grade in our course. Whether or not you take the GA Milestone is between you and your facilitator/counselor. There is a final module in our course with review materials you will find helpful if you are planning to take the GA Milestone.

Final Exam Information

  • Every student takes the final exam.
  • It represents 20% of your final grade for the course.
  • You will be given 90 minutes, with a 5-minute grace period. You will lose 10% for every minute over the allowed time.
  • The test consists of 3-4 multiple choice passages and 35-45 questions patterned off of previously released sections from the actual AP Lang exam.
  • You may take the exam at any time from 12:01 am on Wed., May 6 to 11:59 pm on Thurs., May 7.
  • Make sure you leave yourself enough time. The exam will shut down at 11:59 pm on May 7. All tests not submitted will be lost and earn 0%.
  • I highly recommend that you listen to the recordings of our last two synchronous sessions, which were both focused on the MC section of the AP exam. These are linked in the "User Links" widget on our course homepage (scroll down the righthand side).
  • You may also review the MC practice test(s) you've taken in the course this semester. Finally, use Shmoop to help you review, and earn extra points at the same time.

Final Date for ALL Work

ALL COURSEWORK is due by midnight on Tuesday, May 5. That includes regular coursework, late work, and any work you're doing for extra points. There are no exceptions!

Remediation Opportunity #2

Don't overlook your final opportunity to revise an assignment to earn back points you lost the first time. Please write "Remediation Opportunity #2" in the comment box when you submit your revised assignment, and make sure you submit before the midnight deadline on Tuesday, May 5.

Last Chance to Shmoop

Take advantage of the subscription to Shmoop that comes with your enrollment in AP Lang at GaVS. Not only will the materials help you prepare for our final exam and the actual AP exam, but you will earn extra points to help your grade for all work completed by midnight on Tuesday, May 5. That's not much time, though, so get to Shmooping!

Here's how: Please create an account if you do not already have one. Then make sure to use the GaVS magic word and the appropriate classroom code to join my classroom.

1. Go here: http://www.shmoop.com/signup/georgia-virtual

2. Create a free Shmoop account or login if you already have one.

3. Enter this Magic Word on the sign up page: LANIER

4. Join our class using this code: 6944e (Note: You will have to wait for me to approve your request to join our class, so do this as soon as possible!)

5. Take the diagnostic, read the material, work through exercises, etc. The more you do, the more Shmoints you earn! These will translate (though not directly) into ELO points at the end of the semester!

Mysterious Pencils in the Mail

Be on the lookout for a mysterious GaVS package. All AP students will receive GaVS pencils with the online provider code printed on the pencil. Take these pencils with you on the AP test date, Wednesday, May 13, and don't forget to fill in our code 033 in the space for "online provider." If you are in a face2face school, you will use this code in addition to the code for your face2face school.

Course Access Ends May 8

For those of you who collect your work and feedback for student portfolios, please know that all students lose course access at midnight on Friday, May 8. Make sure you capture everything you want before that time!