Big Things Ahead


This is your year!!!

Ladies this is your year to do amazing things in your Thirty One business and I am here to support you each step of the way.

Let's Do This!!!!



Woo Hoo this is HOT

I am so excited to share with you guys a NEW training opportunity for this catalog season. I am partnering with 3 other AWESOME directors, Kara Merritt and Rene' Hughes and Julia Hensley where we will be interacting with you on a weekly basis (a new "guest" speaker each week).

We will be covering a different topic on our team facebook page to help you master the basics of your business.

I am very excited about this new training and that you will being able to learn from some wonderful leaders (and my great friends)!! This will give you a chance to hear from other who have chose leadership in the company, soak up their wonderful wisdom and see that while we all have strengths and weaknesses in our business, by following the same basic plan we can all make it to the top.

I hope you will participate in the conversations to get the most out of this opportunity.

if you are not part of our Team Buzz Bee facebook group, click on the title above to be linked to our group.

You ARE going to conference, Thirty One and I want you to go!!!

Ladies, Thirty One has made it even easier to get those conference bucks, making it easier for you to attend conference.

I want you there.

Let's work towards that goal together.

Print this out, post it somewhere you can see it, and see how you can get to conference for FREE

Conference Bucks Tracking

2014 means changes......

As of January 1st 2014

* There will be no more Text Me Tuesday. I chat with you ladies all week long so there is no need for a specific day to do that. Feel free to text me or email me, I will get back to you within 24-48 hours (this may change on weekends and holidays)

* Woo Hoo Bucks has new levels. These are goals to stretch you in your business. I know that all of you can attain these and get some fabulous free product.

There are several ways to get the "Woo Hoo Bucks" reward postcards!

Consultants with 4 or More Parties In The Month

Top In Sales $1000 and Higher

Each $1000 Party you submit

Qualify In Your First Month ($1,000 in Personal Volume)

Sponsor a new Team Buzz Bee team member - DOUBLE Woo Hoo Bucks!! )

Promote to Sr. Consultant

Collect six "Woo Hoo Bucks" postcards and return them for $25 in FREE Thirty-One products!