LaVorgna End of Year Information

Supplies and Devices Exchange

Supplies Pickup and Device Exchange June 3-5

We are pleased to share our school plan for students to collect personal belongings and turn in Chromebooks and/or instructional materials, and we thank you for your patience as we have worked through this process in abidance with Riverside County orders. The last day of instruction and virtual meetings with teachers will be on Tuesday, June 2nd, and the remaining days of the week are scheduled for the exchange of instructional materials and student supplies. Please read below for details regarding this process.
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Exchange of Materials

Families have been provided a time window (schedule posted below) to briefly visit the school to collect their belongings and turn in any instructional materials or devices.

Items to Return:

  • Hardcover textbooks and library books (consumable workbooks that students wrote in should not be returned to the site)
  • Chromebooks along with their power cords
  • Individual teachers will communicate with families any other specific materials that need to be returned to the site

A bag for each student will contain the following for pickup:

  • Personal supplies, classwork or property left in the classroom
  • Promotion and/or Honor Roll certificates (4th and 5th grade only)
  • Individual mementos from teachers (i.e. memory books, end of year portfolios, etc.)
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The General Process

All student belongings will be bagged and tagged in advance and ready for pickup at your scheduled time.

Upon arrival at your designated time:

  • Park in the school parking lot, please use the crosswalk at the front of the school to access the exchange tables
  • Tables will be set up at the entrance of 6 separate gates that lead onto campus. Each table will be clearly marked by grade level and are spaced close to corresponding grade level buildings (i.e. the Kindergarten table will be at the Kindergarten gate )
  • Proceed to your child(s) grade level tables, you may need to visit more than one table if you have multiple children attending our school. Older students may visit their own grade level table while parents are assisting younger children, if necessary.
  • Runners at each table will retrieve your child's bag and accept any returned instructional materials or Chromebooks.
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Important Considerations

The following guidelines have been created to provide protective measures for the safety of the staff and our school community, and we thank you for your understanding:

  • The front office and campus are closed during this time, only staff are allowed past the gates.
  • Face covering must be worn, unless there is a medical exemption
  • No group gatherings
  • Maintain physical distancing and adhere to designated markings when standing in line
  • No physical contact in the transfer of materials
  • Come to campus at your appointed time
  • The campus is still essentially closed, please conduct your business and leave in a timely manner to ensure we minimize the number of people at the site
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Schedule (Organized By Last Name)

Wednesday, June 3

8:00-9:00 ~ Last name A

9:00-11:00 ~ Last names B-C

11:00-12:00 ~ Last name D

12:00-1:00 ~ Last names E-F

1:00-2:00 ~ Last name G

2:00-3:00 ~ Last name H

Thursday, June 4

8:00-10:00 ~ Last names I-L

10:00-12:00 ~ Last names M-N

12:00-2:00 ~ Last names O-Q

Friday, June 5

8:00-10:00 ~ Last name R

10:00-12:00 ~ Last name S

12:00-1:00 ~ Last names T-V

1:00-2:00 ~ Last names W-Z

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