The Aztecs

by Chioma and Courtney

Physical geography

Location: they were located in Mexio.

Climate: hot and humid

Major physical features:it was near Lake Texoco and the Sierra Madre mountain range


famous leaders:montezumall,acampichtli,huitzilihyitl and tizoc montezumall was a harsh ruler.acampichti was the first king. huitzilhyitl exapand the kingdom greatly.tizoc aka his life was short with a few deeds.

leadership structure: they were ruled by an emperor


Major wars:battle of Otumbaaand,Fall of Tenochititlan

enemies:texacon,sittuaxtec,purempecha mayons

outcomes:aztec gave the enemy chief, magic potion to make him strong in battles to present weapons.


major resources:mud,water,trees,plants

Trading partners: with source of broze tools and jewerly

Trade items:luxury goods like bread,beets,ornite clothing then they also traded food,cloth and fire wood


aztec role of men and women is,that men were primarily hunters and gathers while women cooked and wove clothing.

arcutecture:they build their holy temples houses the empeors palace as well as a very religous temple.

cuisine chocalate ,quesadilla, a


education: the fathers educated the sons.the mother educated the daughters.

religion mesoamerican religon