Raven Rivera's Bucket List

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is in Arizona. It it physical weathering that happened. I believe Running water,Wind, and Glaciers help make the canyon the way it is by digging int he ground . I want to jump off the highest point with a bungee cord.

The Red Rock Wonderland

I want to be here so i can swing off the arches. Red rock Wonderland is in Utah.Physical weathering happened here.I think wind and running water help make make these arches by breaking though the middle of the rock which kept the top making an arch.

White Water Rafting

I would love to go to white water rafting in North California. Physical weathering happened here. Running water made this river the way it is.


I want to go to the Everglades National Park. Physical weathering happened here. Running water made this place the way it is. I want to go hiking in the everglades and camp out there.

Phi Phi Islands

I want to swim at the Phi Phi Islands. Physical weathering did happen here. running water happened here to make them islands. Swimming here would be great to do in a beautiful place.