Kingdom News

Linda King, JCMES 1st grade

Report Cards Come Home TODAY!!

Please Sign and Return!

You get to keep all the papers inside the envelope. PLEASE sign and return the report card envelope to me so that I will have it for the NEXT one.

100th Day!

IF we have no missed days due to weather situations, the 100th day will be on Monday, Feb. 5th. On the 100th day, for homework, each child will need to bring a collection of 100 items in to school. I will send home a reminder and a baggie next week. The 100 items need to fit in the baggie provided. The collection does not have to be the same item, but it must be 100 items. Some suggestions are uncooked macaroni, pennies, cards (sport cards or playing cards), paper clips, Cheerios.....the possibilities are endless! The only requirement is that there be 100 items and that they fit in the bag provided.

Conference Day

Missed returning your form?

I do still have a few times open on Conference Day (Thursday, Feb 1st) If you did not get your form turned in, and you would like to come in to talk about your child's progress, I still have the following times open: 2:45, 3:15, 3:45, 4:15, and 4:30. If any of those look like they'd work for you, you can send me a note, an email or call the school and I'm happy to write you in! Please note that Thursday, Feb 1st will be an early release day. Students will be released at 1:00 on Thursday.