Code of Ethics

Values and Decisions


I use honesty by telling the truth even in difficult situations. I do not steal the property of others.

Ex: When I wanted something that my sister had, I asked for it instead of just taking it. I told the truth when my mom asked me what happened when she was gone.


I follow the rules even when no one is watching. I treat everyone fairly and follow rules.

Ex: Someone dropped a $50 at my summer camp and I returned it to them.


I keep information private when it is supposed to be.

Ex: When my friend told me that she was moving and not to tell anyone yet, I didn't say anything to others.

Responsibility to Family

I follow through on my promises to help out and I am reliable.

Ex: I do chores around the house when I am asked to.

Responsibility to Self

I follow through on my own commitments and schedule.

Ex: I follow my schedule to do homework. This helps me get all of it done.

SPJ Code of Ethics Song: "You've Got A Great Big Responsibility"

About the Author

I'm a 9th grader at GCHS who is learning about ethics in my business foundations class.