Come On In!

Come to our B/A hotel today!

One thing.... its on the moon!

The moon offers plenty of fun opportunity's. The moon is 147 km away from the sun at its closest stage in orbit. And the days are 13.5 earth days! no need to worry about getting a tan, you will have to worry about which sunblock to use with our 253 degree sun temperature. So there is plenty of sunlight to enjoy, even if you enjoy sleeping nights are also 13.5 earth days so there is plenty of time to sleep, or stop by one of our all night rave parties! Be sure to bring plenty of blankets for night time because to temperature could reach as low as -243 degrees

We recommend...

We do have a pool on the moon but it can only stay indoors due to the temperature variable. Enjoy the sensation of low gravity when diving into our pool! The gravity on the moon is 83.3% less than earths gravity, making a 150 lbs person weigh only 25 pounds! There is never a rainy day on the moon because there is no atmosphere! Pets are allowed on the moon so you can enjoy the luxuries of the moon with mans best friend. The moons low gravity could allow you to get some sick air for all you skateboarders and athletes so we strongly encourage you to bring the things you always wanted to do on the moon, bring a trampoline, your skateboard, or maybe just a simple ball and glove for some insane pop flies! with a diameter of 2,159 miles, there is plenty of room to enjoy all of your favorite low gravity activities!

Things to look out for

There are only a select few things to watch out for on the moon. One of them being earthquakes caused by the gravitational pull from earth, these earthquakes can cause ruptures or cracks in the surface of the moon. that was the only struggle we had making this hotel, we equipped our hotel with a series of shock absorbers to stabilize the hotel during an earthquake

The Beginning of our idea

This idea to have a hotel on the moon all started when Apollo 11 where we landed the first man on the moon on July 20 1969. We knew then with all the observations made and data collected that the moon would be and ideal spot for the first moon hotel.
Premier Inn on the Moon


Timothy Burg - I loved it! I always grew up loving the idea of being on the moon so this was amazing! even though the year is kind of short being 27 days and all.

Ben Sanchez - i loved bouncing around on the trampoline! there nothing like doing 47 flips before i land back down. everything was amazing! the tilt was all weird at 1.5 degrees and i could even see the single satellite!