Mount Airy High School

PLC Progress

Alignment With MAHS School Improvement Plan

  • Our goal is to increase communication throughout our school and the school community. PLCs are all about COMMUNICATING and COLLABORATING!
  • Become more aware of strategies that will grow PLC groups, like Unpacking Standards, Creating Common Assessments and Data Feedback Strategies.
  • Focus on aligning goals and assessments throughout common courses to help provide academic and procedural consistency for our students.

Check us out- Mondays at 3:00

Every Monday afternoon at 3:00 our teachers are engaged in their Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Each group is growing through their own individual needs, while focusing on a variety of strategies. Some groups are breaking down learning standards, others are creating assessments before moving on and analyzing fresh data.

Just a word from our PLC Facilitators

Assessing the PLC Process

  • All PLC groups submit a Google Doc that documents their work during each session. This serves as a source of communication between the PLC groups and our MAHS Administrators. Additionally, Dr. Morrison is able to clearly see what is going on within our school.
  • All PLC Facilitators are consistently assessing the progress of their PLCs. The communication doesn't stop on Monday afternoon at 3:45. This is a new process for everyone. Therefore, the PLC Facilitators support one another through consistent communication. When there is a question about a new process they have someone to lean on. All MAHS PLC Facilitators also depend on the support of Olivia Byerly (PLC Leader for MAHS) to provide clarity regarding new strategies or procedures.

PLC Goals for the 2nd Semester

Our PLC groups are striving to grow by focusing on DuFour and DuFour's Guiding Questions:

  1. What do we want our students to learn? (STANDARDS)
  2. How will we know they are learning (ASSESSMENTS)
  3. How will we respond when they don't learn? (INTERVENTIONS)
  4. How will we respond when they do learn? (EXTENSION/ENRICHMENT)