Summer Learning

Summer 2019

Amy Baker

I attended two STEM workshops at IU5 in July. K-3 Coding and Elementary STEM Kits were the specific workshops. I learned and practiced many new ideas for using technology and coding equipment in the classroom.

Shelly McPherson

I took a college level class called Teaching STEM/NGSS in the primary level. This was a great class to open my eyes again to science and the expectations expected by the primary grades. It gave me great lessons to use and a cohort of other teachers and their experiences and lessons.

Mary Menanno

I learned about many coding tools and devices that can use with my students. I also learned about some exciting STEM materials and am looking forward to working with the students on STEM and coding activities this year.

Lynette Musoni

I have completed two graduate level courses this summer that have given me insight and inspiration to better serve the students on my caseload, as well as school-wide. The first course, In the Face of Poverty, clued me into the challenges that many of our students face everyday. Communication difficulties are high on the list of challenges for these students. The second enlightening course was called ADHD, Focusing, Learning, Teaching. This course helped me understand the differences in brain development and the symptoms that evolve from those differences for students with ADHD. Based on both of these courses, several new strategies will be implemented in my therapy sessions this school year!

Katie Parker

This summer I took two courses. The first one was entitled, Focus on Phonics for Effective Reading, Writing and Spelling Instruction. The second course was entitled, Anxiety Awareness: Empowering Students with Help and Hope. Both of these classes provided me with good information that I can use to help my students. I also earned my Bronze Certification in Whole Brain Teaching. I did this with the help and guidance of Dr. Kelli Trenga. Dr. Kelli Trenga and I also co-presented at the Best Practices in Teaching and Learning Mathematics Conference at Penn State Behrend. I also worked for the Barber National Institute as a Behavior Specialist for a young adult. This work experience provided me with a different aspect of autism because I was working with an adult instead of small children. It certainly was a fun and learning experience for me.

Chris Peters

I attended two district provided trainings, Biz Town training and CPI training.

Joy Shaffer

The IU had some great training offerings this summer; Arduino, Elementary & Middle Coding, Elementary & Middle STEM, and Google Expeditions. Each session provided new resources or tools to utilize in the new Makerspace and classrooms. I am most excited about Osmo and Snapino.

Joe Sienicki

I attended two coding training sessions offered at IU5 this past summer, Google Exhibitions and Elementary STEM Kits.

Evelyn Tracy

I attended several of the STEM training classes this summer and learned about coding and using several new gadgets that will be featured in the maker space.

Jen Wilkinson

I took a college level course about understanding growth mindset and how it affects students attitudes towards learning. Two aspects of this class were very impactful in my own learning. First, our ability as learners is not based on our status in society or life, but rather our ability to believe that we can succeed and work hard to achieve. Through perseverance, resiliency, and grit, we can all achieve. Secondly, those who regularly achieve at high levels must also experience a productive struggle in order to continue to expand their knowledge, ideas, and creativity.

Teresa Yarnell

I was able to complete my Master's+30 by taking an excellent graduate class called Teaching STEM and NGSS at the Primary Level. The class discussed the importance of teaching science through a student centered inquiry based method that allows children to be fully engaged by exploring and elaborating on their learning. I also read a great book called Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in our All-About-Me World by Michel Borba. It offered some activities and practical strategies that we can use to teach empathy and help students care about others.

IU5 Coding Training Sessions - We Had a Blast!

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