Paris the Wonderful

By Sofia and Madeline

The Sights

If you go to Paris, there are definitely certain sights to see. One very famous sight is the Eiffel Tower. At 324 meters high, this is definitely the thing to see at Paris! Another great place to go is the Louvre Museum. If you go there, be sure to check out the Mona Lisa painting! Oh, and also remember to check out the French shops there- they are world class!

The Food

There are some AMAZING places to eat at Paris... but forget the place! Here are some yummy foods you can find at Paris.






And last but not least,


The Shopping

If you think of Paris, shopping usually comes to mind. So, we have that covered. Here are some great shops in Paris that you definitely need to check out.


-Fifi Chachnil

-Doir Boutique



And last but not least,


The Fashion

Just like every city does, Paris has its own style. Scarves, simple dresses, and cashmere sweaters look good for anything, anytime. Denim is seen frequently in Paris, so try that to blend in. Men in Paris dress up fancy a lot. Jackets and sport coats are great for men on chilly days.

The Resturants

Eating is important... Of course! Eat like a Parisian at these restaurants.

-Merce & the Muse

-Coutume café

-La Mer à Boire

And last but not least,

-Le Comptoir du Relais