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Thank You!

Thank you for stopping by my table at the T Rose Bridal Show In Annapolis! I think you'd sparkle in Stella & Dot on your wedding day. It was loud and exciting in that hotel room so I wanted to take the time to tell you more about what I can do for you :)
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The Icing On The Cake

All About You You You

With Stella & Dot, we've got the PERFECT icing to accessorize your dress and every style of dress. Let me help you find the finishing touch to your look on your big day. Whether it be earrings, a bracelet, a statement necklace, or a delicate necklace. We even have lovely diamond engraved necklaces and bracelets that can be done in silver, gold or rose gold. Check out some of the styles below!
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The Sommervell Necklace

Picture above, this necklace is the perfect amount of sparkle around your neck. Feeling bold? Check out its dual usage as a headband. (Below) Talk about "wearing it again" once the wedding is done!
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Make It Something You'll Never Forget

Personalize it

Take your special day a step further and engrave it forever. Personalize your day with a locket engraved with a picture of you two in it, cuff links he'll always wear, or your new initials. The possibilities are endless! You can even engrave your special day. (below)
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Your Gals

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Through Thick And Thin

We have something for your best friends standing up there at the alter with you. Why not gift them a bracelet, engraveable, or that necklace that will bring their whole ensemble together? Check out some of our ideas.
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Whatever your wedding colors may be-- ask me! We can put together the look for your bridesmaids.

Let's Get You Your Wedding Jewels For Free

Hosting a trunk show with Stella & Dot is easy. Not only do I help you along but I can help you brainstorm guests, pick the perfect date, send out easy- no hassle invites, and even send out reminders to your guests a week in advance. Hosting is about having fun with your girlfriends and racking up all the rewards. Rewards which you can use for your wedding day jewelry or your bridesmaids gifts-- Or both! Check out our story below.

The Hibiscus Chandelier

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I had a hostess with her wedding approaching quickly. She loved our Hibiscus chandeliers and they matched her bridesmaid gowns PERFECTLY. We booked her show two weeks in advance and with her credits she earned eight pairs of earrings (using her half off credits as well) and got an over $300 dollar value for under $75. Not to mention her bridesmaids were left with a gorgeous gift they could actually "shorten and wear again".

I've had brides earn their jewels or bridesmaids gifts FREE and at half off. An average trunk show is $1000 dollars in sales. That mean $250 in free product for YOU as well as 4 items at half off. With these credits-- you will be able to get the styles you want without breaking the bank.

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Let's Host a Trunk Show

It's easy. Let's get your show on the calendar-- We can plan it out in advanced. I'll plan you a fun day with your girlfriends and you and I will work on getting you free product credit!

All you have to do is:

Anna Blessing, Associate Stylist

Contact me if you'd like to host a show. Interested in how you an earn some extra cash or potentially have another income? Let's chat.

Not Interested in a show?

Let's have an online show or style session. We'll get on Facebook, create a group for you and your friends, and I'll have style session right there where your friends can shop and see new styles in real time. All they have to do is hit "refresh" and sip on their favorite wine. Let's do it!!