The 5 W's of the Crusades

Made by Fallon Judd and Rachel Cage

What is a crusade?

A crusade is a holy war that was started by the Christians.

When did it take place?

The first crusade began in 1095 and lasted up until 1099

The second crusade began in 1147 and lasted up until 1149

The third crusade began in 1187 and lasted up until 1192

There were 6 more crusades that followed.

Who was involved in the Crusades?


Christians and Muslims

(Even though they both believed in god)

2nd crusade was lead but European kinds with the help of European nobles. Christians were also involved.

3rd crusade

Saladin united the Muslims of Syria

And Christians

Where did it take place?


Middle East in Jerusalem


European area ( for example antolia)



Why did it take place?


To capture the Holy land and to take back Jerusalem from the Muslims.


Started in response to the fall of county of edessa.


Because the European leader wanted to re conquer the holy land of Saladin

What was the result?

1st it was a big mess and overtime the church made the Muslims really mad. They captured Jerusalem yet later it was taken back.


13000 different types of crusades. Ex: English,Scottish....


Saladin signed a unkindly treaty