Digital Citizenship

By, Zayan Chaudhry

Password Protection

Passwords are a very nice touch to our favorite websites, such as minecraft forums,

Popplet, and even Smore itself. But these touches are useless if they are easy to guess.

For example, the password "password" is very weak. However, the password C0c0Catz is

very hard to guess. To create a good password, try mixing in caps, letters that sound different then they are, numbers, and symbols!


Phones are amazing! They can do so many things, such as playing games, making calls, and texting! But the screen in your pocket can even change lives! Twalking is the verb used for texting while walking, which is dangerous to your health. Twalking can also be used as a verb for texting while driving. This can be dangerous if you aren't paying attention to the road. Twalking can be rude, as well as harmful for your grades!

Sharing Online

Sharing online is a big part of our community. But, you need to be careful what you share on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instragram! Some people would love to harm you in some way! For example, sharing a picture of your pet puppy is exceptionable, but sharing a pic of your address is not.

Cyber Bullying

Being online can be fun, but many times it can be hurtful, as cyber bullying often is.

Cyber bullying is bullying online, and can be very, very, hurtful. For example, if you say very mean things your a cyber bully.


Searching is very important online! If you use the wrong key words, things you don't want can come up! For example, if you searched Mississippi, it may come up with a band instead of a river! Its important to use keywords!


Well its time to wrap things up! I hope you now realize how important everything i said is!

Remember to; Use you keywords, Make sturdy passwords, Not to twalk, Not to cyber bully,

And to be careful what you share online!