Energy of Biomass ziyad and louis

And the differnt ways biomass is used

Explaining our energy source

  • Biomass is made from animals and plants and the burning of wood

Is Biomass renewable or nonrenewable

  • Biomass is renewable because you use trash and cow poop Also, tree leaves and other things that are in expensive

How biomass is used for electricity

  • you take the biomass and transfer it to steam when u use water and u use it for a steam turbine

The percent of people that use biomass in the u.s and n.y state

  • 17% of new York state uses biomass and 15% percent of the united states uses Biomass.

Advantages of using biomass and is it cheaper than other energy and is it good for the environment

  • One Advantages is that Biomass is Renewable and in-expensive to Burn the trash. It cost less than the other Energies Also, it is good for the environment and is reliable

Dis advantages Biomass has

  • This type of energy requires space an is expensive to extract the Biomass

Interesting news in new york about biomass

The workers in new York are trying to make the water less pollution in the water and how to get more goods by cutting or using 110,000 trees in the forest