Elizabeth Cady Stanton

By: Eashana A.


Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a very important individual in American history. She has made a huge impact on our world today and has shaped our country to have a better tomorrow. Without Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s guidance, our country would still be unfairly separated based on gender.

How It All Began

Elizabeth Cady Stanton had a rough childhood.She always dreamed of becoming an educator but because she was a female, she couldn’t. She was never loved by her father because her father only wanted a boy. She constantly felt like a disappointment or a mistake. Her harsh childhood inspired her to make a change to our society.
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National Women's Suffrage Association

Elizabeth Cady Stanton started the National Women’s association. This association rebelled against the 15th amendment which gave African Americans the right to vote, even when women still did not have the right to vote. It was a very difficult protest, but in the end, Stanton was successful and the 19th amendment was created giving women the right to vote.

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Declaration of Sentiments

Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote the Declaration of Sentiments. This is a very important document in American history. The paper listed all the rights that women deserve and clearly states that women are equal if not more than men.


In conclusion, Elizabeth Cady Stanton changed America for the better and she has inspired many people. She will continue to be one of the most important individuals in American history.