Computer History

The evolution of modern day computer.

Famous computing figures.

Have you ever heard of Alan Turing? Tim Burners-Lee, perhaps?

Maybe you haven't, so I shall tell you.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a massive help during the second world war. He invented a fabulous machine that was able to read symbols in codes, and convert them to different symbols. This came in handy when German codes were being transmitted to soldiers, because this machine was able to interpret them, and was a huge contribution to the winning of the second world war.

Tim Burners-Lee

Tim Burners-Lee is a man to whom we should all be grateful. Why? Because he invented the world wide web, and gave it to us for free!

Now, thanks to him, the whole world has a mean of communicating via computers, hassle free (usually, anyway!) and cost free.