Mentor Program

Jaime Chanaga's Private Roster Mentor Program

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is an exclusive opportunity limited to one hundred people worldwide—each of whom is committed to their success at a level few ever imagine, much less attain. The elite members of the program enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to learn from Jaime Chanaga. This Mentor Program is conducted on three levels of contribution to your success.

About Jaime Chanaga

Jaime Chanaga is a consultant, speaker, and author. His work has attracted clients such as EDS,, Walmart, Lucent Technologies, Bank of America, HSBC, Disney, and over 200 other leading organizations. His consulting firm, The CSO Board, LLC partners with clients in all sectors and regions to help them solve critical strategic issues make lasting substantial improvements in their performance.

Your Exclusive Opportunity With Jaime Chanaga

What Others Are Saying About Jaime's Work

Business Owner

"Jaime’s work was second to none and I am not surprised to see that he is a nationally recognized expert in this field today."

Senior Executive, $100 Billion DJIA Company

"From the moment I was first introduced to Jaime on a common advisory board, I knew that he would be someone I would come to respect immensely for both his knowledge and humanity. Jaime has a unique ability to communicate so effectively no matter who he is speaking with. His tactical technical skills along with his strategic planning capabilities are truly impressive."

Vice President, $12 Billion S&P 500 Company

"Jaime is an outstanding professional with an impressive body of knowledge. Engaging him with our clients builds confidence that we are bringing tangible value and extensive thought leadership to the table."