Updates from Mrs. Tutzauer and Mrs. Mellon

September 26th-School will be closed in celebration of Rosh Hashanah

PBE Visit the School Night-Thursday, 9/22

September Calendar

Scholastic Book Fair will be open at Visit the School Night!


All emergency information needs to be updated on the Parent Portal prior to the first day

of school. You MUST have at least 2 or 3 emergency contacts listed. If you wish that your

child is released only to you or someone designated by you, you must notify the school

office annually that the situation exists. Proper documentation must be filed in your child’s

cumulative folder. If your information changes during the school year, please call the Main

Office. Please make sure that your address is correct in Genesis. If you have moved, you

must contact the Main Office to fill out a change of address form on the TR Schools


Don't forget to get your child a grab bag!

PBE Handbook Sign-off

Don't forget to read and sign!

You must sign off that you read the PBE handbook.

Our school handbook can be found here PBE Student Handbook and on our school website. Before the first day of school, plan to read and discuss this handbook with your child. Then complete the Google Survey on the More tab and click on Scholar and Family Acknowledgement to verify that you have read it. Please continue to check your email prior to the start of school for important information from the district and our school.

Arrival and Dismissal Information

Please find more detailed information in the school handbook. Supervision will not be available for walkers until 9:15 a.m., therefore students should not arrive before then. If you are dropping off in the morning, please do not arrive in the ferry lane before 9:15 a.m. Once students arrive, they should enter the building and line up in the hallway (the faculty will assist them). For pickup, please do not arrive before 3:20 p.m. Arriving too early will cause a backup on Motor Road which causes problems for our community. Please see the linked map for directions. At pickup, parents should wait by their cars and students will be dismissed to you once the teacher makes eye contact. Drop-off/Pick-up Map Please do not come late and cut off the other lanes to leave. If you arrive and all 4 lanes are filled (see the nice visual from a PBE Parent), you will exit after lane 4. The last car in the lane should be able to be parked forward in the lane, not on an angle. Thank you.

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Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month! Please have your child bring in their ribbons!

Halloween Costume Drive-All costumes can be dropped off in the gym!

Picture Day is coming!

Pine Beach Elementary School

Picture Day Date: Wednesday, October 12

Picture Day ID: EVTDTTQ9W

"Panthers Pitching In" Donations

School Security Drills

This month we will begin practicing our fire drills and mandatory lockdown or evacuation drills. The students will first practice these drills with their teachers. We understand that these drills can be scary for our younger students. Our drills are brief, but are important to make sure that we practice being safe. The best way to explain lockdown drills to your younger children is that we are practicing being safe from anyone or anything (could even be animal or a bad smell) that is unsafe outside. During a lockdown drill the teacher will lock the classroom door, turn off the lights and the students will sit on the floor in the corner with their teacher. The drill will be ended with two announcements and the teachers will resume teaching. You will receive an email on the day that our security drill (not fire drill) was held. The following slide show will be addressed in class.

Lunch Menu


District Fliers

Planning Ahead

September 22nd-Visit the School Night for Parents

*The bookfair will be open for parents this evening

September 23rd-Dress Beachy!

September 26th-School will be closed in celebration of Rosh Hashanah

September 27th- PTO Meeting in Media Center 7PM

September 30th-Wear yellow or gold for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Day

October 12th-School Picture Day! SMILE!!!