Junkins Express

Week of May 16

All that and a Bag of Chips!

The specials team for the AMAZING breakfast! You guys out-did yourself!

Ms. Brown for always giving the best customer service!

Ms. Winners for arranging the Behringer trip!

Mr. Lugo for winning the video contest!

All of our staff for your assistance this week during testing!

CONGRATS to Ms. Montana and Ms. Davidson for getting us that $5000 grant for a new soccer field!

STAAR Pep Rally

Thank you Mr. Lugo for capturing our STAAR Pep Rally in such a great video!

Please click on the link below:


Field Day

Ms. Davidson will be sending an email with the schedule for Field Day by the end of the week. PTA has purchased class flags for every grade level teacher. Please go by Ms. Davidson's office to pick up your grade level flag to decorate. On Friday, May 27th, we will begin with opening ceremonies in the soccer field. Each class will present their class flag and team name. After the ceremony each class will move to their designated games.

This will be a popular day for parent visits. Many parents have already indicated that they will be bringing lunch for their child that day. The cafeteria has requested an approximate count for sack lunches that day. Therefore, we will send out a form for students to indicate if they will want the cafeteria sack lunch or will bring something from home. Please place those forms in the cafeteria box.

More Information will be sent out soon.

Preparing our students for the 21st century

Social Skill: Caring About Others

Who is a special person you care about? Why do you care about this person?” As children volunteer names and reasons, write them on the blackboard or a large sheet of paper. Explain that:

One of the best gifts you can give people is to let them know that you care about them. When you help people, show concern for them, or say something nice, you show them that you care. When you listen to them, share something, or laugh about something together, you show them that you care. And when you show people that you really care, you can make their day!

Upcoming Events

May 16th: PD Testing/LPAC

May 18th: ACP Window Begins

May 19th: PTA Meeting/ Kindergarten Performance

May 23rd: PD

May 27th: Field Day

May 30th: Memorial Day

May 31st: Awards -Pk to 2nd grade

June 1st: Awards - 3rd to 5th grade

June 3rd: Last day of school

Morning Duty

Gym: Garland, Williams, Shelton

Auditorium: Thomas, Mayville, Wilkinson
Cafeteria: Ortiz
*TAs are in their permanent assignment (Please see schedule)

Morning Announcements

PK-B - Cosentino
Character word of the week is Respect. Please send your 3-4 students with a sentence using the word fairness. Please see announcement script on Google.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a supportive culture for the twenty-first century learner to reach their academic destination and become productive citizens of the world.