What makes me tick?

2nd Period Psychology
Written by: J.Danielle Downs
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My personality

My personality has changed tremendously since I began high school. I believe that I have some of my personality from nurture, and some of it I believe comes from nature. As a junior this year I have noticed that a lot of what people look for in a person is a bright personality. My personality is indifferent. I really believe that my personality reflects off of the person that I am socializing with and how they act.

As I was growing up I was always a shy, leave me alone type of kid to people that I did not recognize or know. I know this is not inherited from my parents because they love meeting new faces and getting to know new people. I know my personality, now, is somewhat nurture because I am open to new things and I love to have a conversation with anyone even if I do not know them. By anyone I mean that, as long as they have an interested look on there face or is getting into the conversation then I like to talk to them. I am more social than I was as I was growing up. I believe that in my personality I am both extrovert and introvert. In my household my family is all extroverts, we all like getting to know new people.

I say that I am introversion in some cases because I still get shy and panicky when I have to introduce myself or present something in front of a class or an audience of some sort. In these types of situations I try to run away from the issue or I start panicking to the point that you can see it in my facial expressions. I've always had this problem. I could never shake myself to get over "stage fright" as some people would call it. Although I try to run away from this problem I know in certain situations that I have to face my fear. For example, In school we have to present presentations in front of a whole class if I tried to skip that day I would just have to present the following day that I come back. Although I get scared of getting in front of an audience I love being center of attention in some cases. This brings out the extroversion in me. I am an outgoing person to things that interest me or people that are open. There is one thing for sure, I am not afraid to be myself. I always put in my input in a situation or conflict that is going on (but not a bad input. I try to calm the situation down). Things that has happened in my life has shaped me into the person that I am today.

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My personality and emotions go in the same category. I, myself find it difficult to hold in what I am feeling when it comes to emotions. In a certain part of your brain there is this part called the amygdala. This particular area controls your emotions, whether you are feeling sad, mad, or happy. Some people find it really easy to hold in their emotions while others find it very tough. Not all but some people have a tendency to pull others into what they are feeling. When they are mad they have this negative outlook and it drawls other to feel that same way because they are surrounded by by you. While others can hold it back and still look at the positives of everything else that is happening.

On a regular day to day basis my emotions make me feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster. One minute I can be the happiest girl in the world and the next I can be upset. Although I would like to say that I can regulate my emotions easily and get my emotions on track, I cannot. I find it very difficult to hide my emotions. If I am angry then almost everybody can tell that I do not want to be bothered and that I want to be left alone. Even though I am that type of person I really hate being around a negative atmosphere because it makes me feel like I am being pulled into the same boat as another person is in. Although my emotions aren't stable as much as I would like, and I also don't like being around negative people there are ways to solve these problems. Becoming aware of the situation and the impact it could have on others is all apart of the development of social and emotional intelligence.

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My social/emotional intelligence

I believe that nature and nurture both play a role in understanding my social and emotional intelligence. My parents taught me how to treat others how I want to be treated, and they also told me to help a person out when they are mad,sad, or upset. They made me understand that when someone is frustrated and yells at me that it doesn't always mean that they are meaning to take that frustration out on me. They could be mad about something that happened before we started talking. Nature made me understand social and emotional intelligence because of guidance counselors and psychology. Guidance counselors taught me the same thing my parents had always told me, but psychology taught me the real meaning behind what everybody was telling me to do. Understanding the concepts has helped me in my personal and work relationships.

I regulate my emotions by telling myself to stay positive and remain calm and relaxed. For instance, when I am at work and a problem or situation comes up from a customer, I will take a smooth, deep breath and then listen to their problem and apologize for the misunderstanding. What I have learned from this unit is that people can tell your mood from the emotions on your face; depending on if you can hide your emotions or not. So when I am confronted with a situation I always start of with a smile, then I listen to what went wrong, and then I apologize for that mistake. At work I always have a smile on my face and greet the customers as they walk in. I am not always calm and positive though; sometimes emotions get in the way of reminding myself to stay positive and to work through the situation. For example, in my relationship, I tend to get emotional very easily, and although I know I am about to snap I just can't keep myself from stopping, taking a breather, and starting over. Understanding that other people can see what emotion I am feeling by just looking at my face is very important in circumstances like a job interview or a college tour.

This is an area that everybody, including myself, should continue growing in. I know that I need to continue working on this area as I continue to progress in my social and emotional development. I believe that nobody is perfect and no matter what age you are you can still find ways to make your personality brighter. Going through this unit I have found out that I can continuously work on making my personality more positive and brighter, I can regulate my emotions in a better way then lashing out, and I can ALWAYS grow on practicing my social and emotional intelligence.

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The Importance of Understanding Yourself, Your Emotions,and Your Social/ Emotional Intelligence to Your Future Story

I have been on this never ending roller coaster ride that I would like to call a "emotional roller coaster." Before I started this unit I was happy one day, sad the next day, and mad another day. I could never be consistent with my emotions. Now, as we finish this unit, I stay positive and I am ready to tackle the next challenge. I have learned how to handle my emotions in a well mannered way, and how to regulate them as well. Understanding social and emotional intelligence, I think, is the key to a less stressful, understanding life. As you start to go through the process of learning all the neat things that social and emotional intelligence plays a role in you realize that you have control of everything you thought you didn't before. This unit opened my eyes and made me understand that all the little negatives in my personality do matter. Now that I have an understanding I now control what emotions I feel throughout the day. I feel like a new and improved person, without the awareness I have now I feel that I would be lost and/or helpless in some of the situations that I face on a daily basis if I did not learn that social and emotional intelligence has such an impact on what goes on around me and how it affects myself and other people.

I now know that although all people have emotions there are certain things that trigger them. It has helped me realize that there are many different ways that triggers my emotions, and this particular unit has helped me better understand how to regulate my emotions before I let my emotions get the best of me. After researching and doing in the classroom work my self awareness of my emotions has increased. I can tell why my emotions are being expressed, and what made me feel a certain way, whether I am mad, sad, or angry. After talking to a man that we skyped in class he helped me better understand how much of an impact emotional intelligence has on myself with others, and in the work place. Now that we come to an end on this unit I have realized that people can tell what I am feeling due to my facial expressions. In order to better myself I constantly remember that especially when I am upset. My main goal is to stay positive and keep pushing forward to better myself in growing in social and emotional intelligence. I have come to the conclusion that if I am surrounded by negatives I will also get pulled into it. From here on out I will be in control of my emotions and what impacts my emotions. This has been a big eye opener to me and I really loved learning all this neat information to better myself in the future.

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