Together in Education Family Update

Week of September 14-18

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Dear Lancaster Families,

During our staggered entry students demonstrated a tremendous capacity to adapt to our new routines and guidelines to keep everyone safe. We were able to have two successful fire drills, one with each cohort, where we practiced our exit routines from the building.

We would like to extend our appreciation to our parent community for helping your child understand the importance of mask-wearing, hand--washing and being prepared for some changes at school.

Despite all the "new", what was most remarkable were the ways that staff and students were able to sink into some of the familiar. We played outside, we invented new games, we had classroom talking circles, we painted, we read, we completed some baseline assessments, and we found out more about each other. On Monday the A and B cohorts come together which, when speaking to many students this week, was another reason for excitement. We are looking forward to being all together!

Families will be receiving some paperwork this week sent home with your child. It is important to send back the data verification forms so that we can ensure our system data is updated. Families will also receive a school year calendar like the one pictured below.

Your lead learners,

Lani Fox and Sara O'Hearn

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Parents are ESSENTIAL! Parent Council Elections - October 6th @ 6:00

We have enjoyed a wonderful partnership with the Lancaster Parent Council over the past few years. Together we look at how best to serve the needs of students and families in our community. Often parent council plays an integral role in determining how to support teachers and bring special learning experiences into the school.

We warmly welcome all parents to be a part of any and every parent council meeting, whether you are an elected member or a parent who would just like to listen in an hear more about what is going on at Lancaster. Meetings usually include an administrator's sharing component, reports from members in particular positions (treasurer, chair, events co-ordinator, etc.) and some discussion items. We will start with virtual meetings until such a time that we can have parents on-site. Meeting links will be posted by the PAC so that parents can elect to join.

Our first meeting for Parent Council elections will be held on Oct 6th at 6:00. Please complete this Google Form below if you would like to have the meeting link sent to attend the meeting.

Outdoor Play & Learning Time

Please have students dress for all kinds of weather as we will be outside for recess and/or learning unless there is extreme weather such as thunder/lightning or frigid temperatures. A raincoat and rain boots will come in handy as we head into fall!

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Lanyards for Masks

A reminder to families that students are not permitted to use a lanyard to store their mask as this creates a possible choking hazard and does not meet public health standards for proper storage. Please send a paper bag or another suitable container that can be closed and not create moisture. We do have paper bags at the school for students to use if they don't have one.

Allergy Awareness

We have many students and staff who have severe allergies that pose risks to their health and safety. Thank-you for working with us to reduce the risk by making sure that you avoid packing any foods that may contain any tree-nuts or peanuts. As well, we ask that you avoid sending any strongly scented products such as scented sanitizers with your child.

Preparing your child for walking or biking to school:

Before your child heads off to school by themselves (or with friends), there are a few safety precautions you can take.

Build Familiarity:

  • Teach your child to recognize and obey traffic signals and pavement markings.
  • Choose the safest route between home and school and practice walking it with your child until he/she can demonstrate traffic-safety awareness.
Adopt the Buddy System:

  • Have your child communte with a sibling, friend or neighbour following physical distancing guidelines. Connect with street neighbours or hire an older student to walk your child home.
Embrace Cycling Safety:

  • If your child is biking or scootering, make sure they have a helmet, bell and lock, and that their bike is in good working order.
  • Teach your child hand signals and to get off and walk when crossing the road at intersections.
  • Remind your child to get off and walk once they get to school property.
Have an Emergency Plan:

  • Make sure your child knows what to do and who to contact if they have an emergency. Put a list of important numbers in their backpack.
  • Remind them of safe ways to access help in the neighbourhood.

Remind your child to:

  • Stick to well-traveled streets, use the same route every day and avoid shortcuts through wooded areas, parking lots or alleys.
  • Keep the trip distraction-free. Have them put headphones and devices in backpacks so they can stay alert to what's happening around them.
  • Carry backpacks and bags close to their body, not dangling by the straps.
  • Don’t wear shoes or clothing that restrict movement.
  • Cross streets only in crosswalks; never enter streets from between parked cars or from behind shrubbery.
  • Always look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Walk — don’t run — across intersections. A flashing “walk” signal does not mean it’s safe to cross.
  • Don’t speak to strangers; if a stranger approaches, tell a teacher, a school principal or a trusted adult. Switch direction or cross the street if they feel unsafe.

COVID-19 Daily Active Screening

All students, staff, bus drivers, and visitors to schools must perform a daily self-assessment for symptoms of COVID-19. KFL&A Public Health has provided a simple one-page daily screening tool that families can access on the Board website. Feel free to print and keep a copy in a handy place at home as a reference. It is critical that students do not come to school or go on a school bus if they have any of the COVID-19 symptoms. According to provincial public health direction, if students have any symptoms, they must visit an assessment centre or call their health care provider immediately to determine if a COVID-19 test is required.
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All students and staff must self-screen every day before attending school using a checklist before arriving at school. If a student or staff member is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, they must stay home from school and should seek testing and appropriate medical attention. If a student or staff member feels sick, or develops symptoms while at school, schools will follow the following protocol:

  • Students or staff who develop COVID-19 symptoms will immediately be separated from others, and the family will be contacted to arrange pick-up.
  • Staff and families will be directed to consult their health-care provider and should be provided with information about COVID-19 testing locations.
  • Staff and/or students who test positive may not return to school until they are cleared by KFL&A Public Health.
  • Staff and/or students who test negative can return to school once they are symptom-free for 24 hours.
  • Limestone schools will immediately report any suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 to the KFL&A Public Health.
  • Limestone schools will participate in contact tracing through keeping records of classes, transported students, and visitors to schools.
  • KFL&A Public Health will be providing a flow chart to families and schools to help provide a visual of these guidelines that will be followed.
What if my child develops symptoms of COVID-19 at school?
SORA Online Library

Students can access e-books and audiobooks using their LDSB login

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