Where the truth lies

I want to believe


Media is a tool used to deceive and distract the masses. The government has almost total control of the media and that is why they falsify information and use irrelevant stories to distract us from the truth or what really matters. I believe the government has an agenda that they wish to prosper by any means, and if that means using television to brainwash society into believing what we are being told is “News” they will do it.

The Media includes music, news, television, and social media. Music today is widely controlled by the government and they use it to put out the wrong message to the public. Things like pushing drugs, objectifying women, the love of money, and killing. Our very own constitution protects news stations with freedom of speech when they present these faux stories to the public. Social media also perpetuates the ignorance in the youth today by forcing their vane ideologies on people instead of promoting what’s good for the soul.

What being media literate to me is seeing through these deceptions they present to us. What they fear most is a youth that is entirely media literate, because what most people don’t realize is that the people have more power than the people in power. With enough people in coalition we can reform and improve our current system. Certain people can’t see this current façade and accept it as reality. They fear having their whole life being a lie these people are usually NOT media literate. If only we had Master Kim to teach the media blind people.


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