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Region 9 High Reliability Schools-Sept/Oct 2019

Cohort 4

Your most recent training centered around Level 3: A Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum. While you may not be ready to tackle Level 3 certification yet, you can definitely begin the work of Level 3. In fact, Level 3 work fits perfectly with the PLC process of Level 1 and the focus on teacher growth in Level 2.

Take a look at some of the resources below that will help you as teachers prioritize standards, dig into their content more, and go about the business of identifying critical vocabulary.

Cohort 5

This week, you worked on an action plan using your survey data. The session was a great time for teams to talk and plan, and we saw lots of great work being done! Be sure you set up a plan to implement any new ideas you had and to monitor the areas that surveys indicated were already strong. Developing a schedule of quick data collection (and delegating that task to specific people) is a great way to ensure that it is done regularly.
HRS Leadership Resources

You can find quick data templates, action planning documents and other resources from our training sessions here.

Quick Data and Certification

You can find quick data forms or templates on our site here. It might be helpful to plan out what quick data you will want to collect, when and by whom now before the year gets too busy. This is key when you are thinking about sustaining your current level of HRS and moving toward an action plan in your next level.

On this site, you'll also find information on the certification process, including an application that will need to be processed prior to our scheduling a Marzano associate for certification.

Cohorts 1, 2, and 3

Because you aren't in current training sessions, you may wonder what you should be doing at this point in your HRS journey. We know that sustaining the work you've done is challenging. That's why we've set up a special session just for you! Dr. Phil Warrick will be here Thursday, November 21 for a session titled Leadership is an Action: Strategies for Leading People. It is geared toward leading High Reliability Schools, so it's a perfect chance to refresh, review and renew! You can register here.
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2019-20 Schedule of Training

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Cohort 4 Leadership Team Session

Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 9am

301 Texas 11 Loop

Wichita Falls, TX

In Session #346977, Cohort 4 leadership teams will learn more about Level 3: Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum.

If you are in Cohort 1, 2 or 3 and would like a refresher on this level, please register to attend!

Cohort 5 Leadership Team Session

Wednesday, Nov. 20th, 9am

301 Texas 11 Loop

Wichita Falls, TX

In Session #346984, Cohort 5 leadership teams will take a deep dive into Level 1 with a discussion on using instructional rounds on your campus.

If you are in Cohort 1, 2 or 3 and would like a refresher on Level 2 or instructional rounds, please register to attend!

Resource: R9 HRS Website

If you haven't had a chance yet, take a look at our new website! You can find it at The link below will give you a tour of what you can find on our website. It is definitely a work in progress, but it is one we hope will help you on your HRS journey.