Science Smore Project By:Isabel .K.

This smore explains the different projects in Earth Science!

Earthquakes PBL

In the PBL Tony Stark project me and my team built a new house for Tony Stark out of popsicle sticks, string, clay, straw, and toothpicks. We built a new house for tony stark because his last house blew up in the last movie. The driving question for the project was, How can we as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? Our house was mostly made up of popsicle sticks and clay, we put popsicle sticks on the side to represent wood, and we also used popsicle sticks for metal braces, and then we put a chunk clay on the bottom to represent shock absorbers, and then we put straw on the side of the wood to represent reinforcements, and attached it to the wood with sting, and lastly stuck the corners of wood together with clay. I learned that shock absorbers help sway a buliding in siesmic activity, so that the walls will not crack!

Atmoshphere 30 Hands Project

Our atmosphere 30 hands project was a project where we cad to create a video on our atmosphere and how we our effecting the environment. My favortie part about the 30 hands project was reasherching different topics about our atmosphere! Click below to watch my video!

Invention Convention

Our innovation solves the problem of air pollution because our phone case uses energy from the sun, and does not use fossil fuels. About 85% of the energy we use is from fossil fuels today. All the pollutants from burning fossil fuels fossil fuels are released into the atmosphere. This may cause Climate Change, contribute to the greenhouse effect, and global warming. Our innovation works to solve this problem by using solar energy instead of fossil fuel energy. The phone case has solar panels attached to the back, so when your case is in the sun, you know it is being charged! To connect the socket to phone you simply put your phone case on your phone! In conclusion, this case is efficient because you are not burning fossil fuels, you are using solar power to charge your phone, and it is easy to use!

Favorite Unit

My favorite unit was the atmosphere unit, I liked this unit the best because we got to learn about the environment and the different things we do to effect it, how we can change to help our environment. I really like the activity where Mrs. Chappas took two different food colors and mixed them with water, making the blue one cold, and the red one warm, and how when she put them both in the big tank, it showed kind of what a convection current would look like if the cool air and the warm air were different colors.