Homework Week 7

Middle School

Parent Information

Thursday 27th March: Inter-School Swimming Sports
Sunday 30th March: Shore to Shore Fun Run
Thursday 8th April: Sharing Assembly- all parents welcome


Read your nightly reader and get your parent to sign the back of your homework notebook each night.
Optional: read a poem every night of your choice or from Kenn Nesbitt's website.


Learn your 12 spelling words each night. Remember that you will get 10 house points if you get all your words correct in the test on Friday. Please bring your spelling notebook to school on Friday ready for your test.

Word Study

In your homework book write two sentences using at least three of your spelling words e.g. After bread for breakfast I looked for heavy treasure.


Every night orally practise the basic facts that are glued into the back of your spelling notebook (this week +7). The object is to make these automatic (that is they should spring to mind without the need for calculation of any kind). The focus is therefore on accuracy but also speed. Please call the facts out of order as this prevents memorisation of answer patterns.
Optional- Log into Matheletics and complete some maths activities of your choice.


This term we have been writing recounts and character descriptions. We have been looking at how to make our writing more exciting by using adjectives and similes. Watch the video below, describe at least three nouns in the video e.g. animal, plant, waterfall using adjectives (describing words e.g. sharp, soft, playful) or similes e.g. the monkey is as cheeky as a baby. If you can't access the video choose three trees and/or animals to write about.
What A Wonderful World With David Attenborough -- BBC One [FULL HD]