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International news

"In 1492 Christopher sailed the ocean blue" The explorer Christopher Columbus found the new land. He did not land in America he landed in the Caribbean. He thought that he had circumnavigated and landed in India so he called the natives Indians. It took him a while to find out that he was not in India. Once he found out he was happy because he had found a new land that he could make a lot of money with. The king and queen of Spain must have been happy that the money he had given had been well spent.


Slave trade

Do you not want to farm, can't afford for someone to do it. We'll come buy a slave one payment and you have them forever. They are freshly seasoned and ready to work. We will have auctions on the weekends. We have house and field workers we are limited so it's first come first serve. If you don't get one then you can wait for the next shipment.


The caravel

This new boat is light weight, fast and has 2 to 4 masts. Christopher Columbus used these boats (For only the Pinta and Nina). The downfalls to this ship is that it is fragile and there is limited space on the boat for crew and cargo. This boat is about 50 to 60 tons. It was invented in the 1400s by the Portuguese and lasted about 300 years.