The Coastal Plains Region BARRY


Coastal plains Fishing

This is one of the attractions in the Coastal Plains. Theres A LOT of more attractions. But this is only for summer and spring.

Coastal Plains Info

The Coastal Plains are very big. They also have lots of biomes desert, rainforest, mountain and more. The Coastal Plains are not pour or boring kids would think that but its very huge it looks like the future. It has a lot of attractions like paddle boats, zip line, canoeing and more. This is very cool, this is why I want people to come to the Coastal Plains.


Other Landforms

This is a beach that people are allowed to go for free, I know parents would like that.

There are more beaches in the Coastal Region but this is the biggest one.

Light house

This is one huge lighthouse you can visit in the Costal Plains its over 100 years old! There are tours on spring only.



Wednesday, Sep. 17th, 9pm

Coastal Plain

That is a huge forest/jungle with a rainbow. It has lots of animals poisons frogs, snakes, tigers, cougars, ocelots, birds, other types of frogs and more.
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About the activities in the Coastal Plains

A activitie that is most common is the mall because it has a lot of stuff we don't have its like the future because it has more inventions and its all white. Thats not the only activitie it has canoes, adventures, mining, skiing, playground, and more. People like kids would think its bouring like churches, museums kids like Walmart, Target, McDonalds but the Coastal Plains has a lot more!