The 5 Causes of WWI

Payton B



is when a country tries to get the best military of the enemies. It caused WWI because all of the allied and central powers were trying to best each other then soon they got mad at each other.
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are people on your side or that have your back. Allies caused the war because if one country got attacked then the allied country would help the country getting attacked (see picture below).
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is when someone or a country thinks its the best country in the world. It causes WWI because since one country thought they were the best another county would want to prove that they are.
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is when a country doesn't keep to its self, it has connections with other countries. It caused the WWI because if some countries said they would trade one thing but gave something else, the other country would be very angry. At least I would.
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Assassination of Archduke Ferdanand

Archduke was supposed to assume the throne of Austria-Hungary. His assassination, however, cut that a little short. This was the trigger to the start of WWI.
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