Prepare For Finals At Lafollette

You need to be ready

About them

There is no way to avoid them. They happen at the end of the term and will deal with all you have learned in the past term or semester. The only way to do well in finals is to be ready for them. Whatever you need to do to be ready. Study, practice, get a good nights rest, relax, whatever you want to do so you are prepared to take these tests. These tests can either increase or decrease your grades by a letter grade depending on how you do. Some finals take more preparation than others to be ready for but all need to be finished. If you are lucky enough or have high (or low) enough grades, the final may not change your grade that much. How you do is completely up to you. Do you want to prepare for your finals, do your best and get good grades or not prepare, not try your hardest and fail?


Many people are too stressed out or just unprepared for the finals. Just relax and do your best on them. If you do your best you should do fine. If you need to, you can spread out when you think or study for each final. You can even study at home after first and second block finals or study in between finals if you want to. Don't forget that your friends can help you study and relax for finals as well. The best thing you can do for finals is to get a good nights rest and stay calm during the final.