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The Fighting Begins By Melina and Likaney

The Fighting Begins: How

  • Nationalist ambitions
  • Big Army's
  • Stock piled weapons
  • Alliances
  • Military Plans

The trigger is the assassination of Duke Frances of Austria.

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Alliiances Cause a Chain Reaction

Central Powers

- Germany

- Austria Hungary

- Ottoman Empire

Allied Powers

- Britain

- France


- Serbia

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Deadly Technology Leads to Stalemate

  • Trenches
  • Machine Guns
  • Artillery
  • Poison Gas
  • Sub marines
  • Airplanes
  • Tanks and armored cars

The Reality of Trench Warfare

  • Trench foot
  • lice
  • rats
  • constant fear

No man's land

  • artillery/impassible


  • Millions

Unless something changed, the war would continue to drag on.

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