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Dedicated, Determined, and Destined for Greatness

April 11, 2016

The Incomparable You...

Nothing compares to you. No one can come close to doing the job that you do because simply put...they are not you. Take care not to make the mistake of comparing yourself to others. Doing so would unfortunately produce a false interpretation or wrong representative of yourself to those that matter most. Today (and each day) focus on being the best "you" that "you" can be. In doing so, comparisons need not be made because you are incomparable. Enjoy your day.


Grade-level Testing Meetings

During your planning, be sure to attend a brief meeting with Mrs. Benning in the counseling suite. Please direct any questions to me or Mrs. Benning.

Georgia Milestones Testing Window

April 12th-26th

Spring Picture Money Due April 14th