School Counseling Newsletter

February 2016

Counseling Focus of the Month

The first week in February, the 1st through the 5th, is National School Counseling Awareness Week, and we will be celebrating at Southside High School! Students will take a fun quiz in advisory about the school counselors and their responsibilities. We will be giving out prizes to those with the top scores on Friday! We have a Simply Southern shirt, bracelets and goody bags! Each day of the week has it's own theme, so be sure to follow us on social media to see what we are doing. We will also be posting information about the role of the modern school counselor for all of our stakeholders to enjoy. On Friday, we encourage everyone to wear a college shirt and post your pictures with the hashtags "reach higher" and "SHSSeahawks". We thank your for your support and look forward to celebrating with you all during National School Counseling Awareness Week!

Character Education Trait of the Month

The character education trait for February is kindness. The FOR Club will be helping to demonstrate this trait through out the school during February 8th-12th. The club will be putting together some goodies for our students to demonstrate and reflect on random acts of kindness. We hope everyone will participate in showing random acts of kindness. The character trait nominations for students are due on Monday, February 1st by 3:00 p.m.

Senior Spotlight

There is no time like now to get that FAFSA completed! Remember, the earlier you complete the FAFSA, the more money you will likely receive as funds do decrease. If you are unsure about filing your FAFSA, please talk with your counselor. You and a parent can sign up for FAFSA day on February 20th. Any one can call and sign up for the free event at Beaufort County Community College in Washington. State Employee's Credit Union will also be serving banking members with appointments on FAFSA day. For more information, go to You will begin to see a lot of the spring scholarships coming out now. Make sure you are checking your scholarship search accounts and the counselor's scholarship newsletter often.

Parent Information

One way that we try to support parents is through the bi-weekly "Counseling Corner" articles posted from the American Counseling Association. We select articles that are relevant to your students and your teen parenting needs. You can find these articles posted on the school counseling Facebook page. However, if you feel like you would like them emailed to you personally or you would like more information on a topic, please let us know. Your role as a parent is crucial in your student's success in school, and we are here to support that as well.

Tech Freebies of the Month

Check out these two free smart phone apps for better mind-body-spirit wellness:

OWAVES- this app helps you to plan and track your time in various healthy activities

Smiling Mind- this app teaches techniques in mindfulness, breathing and body relaxation