A trip you will never forget


You should go to Mars because it is a once in a life time opportunity. Then.Then you might think wont it take years to get there,but with are new technology we can get you there about a half of hour even tho it is 227.9 mill. km away and 54.6 mill. miles away from the sun.Also we can guarantee you that we wont bump into one of Mars tiny moons,there names are Phobos and Deimos.If your wondering who discovered it we don't know sense you can can see it in the night skies.If you did not know that Mars moves really fast,it takes 24.6 hour/1 day and 6 hours to do one full rotation.It takes 6779 Earth days +22 hours to go around the sun.Some gases in Mars atmosphere includes a lot carbon dioxide 95.32% 2.7% nitrogen 1.6% argon 1.6 oxygen 0.08% carbon monoxide.Just to throw in another fact the diameter of mars is 6779 km.If your wondering how long would it take to get to Mars,it would take about 5 days to get there going 20000 km per hour.The surface tem. is -55 C.

Looks Of Mars

Mars color is red that's why it it called the red planet.Mars surface is dry with a lot of volcanoes,valleys,craters,and mountains.The biggest canyon on Mars is called Valleys Marineris.The biggest crater on Mars is called Hellas Basin with 2100 km wide and 9 km deep.The surface of Mars is made out of iron oxide,and the core is made out of iron and sulfur.


One example is Mar`s big red storm/spot.It could engulf a Earth or two.Another example is Mar`s dust that you can break with your hands.


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