First Grade Parade

Mrs. Whiteside - Room 214

Daily 5 Progress

We are proud to announce that the Daily 5 has been up and running in FULL implementation for almost 2 weeks and it couldn't be going any better! They are doing a great job with following the high expectations and completing their tasks as well as giving me their best work when they sit with me for their small group guided reading lessons. BRAVO!
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Envisions Math

On Monday, you should have received a packet with your child's username, password, and detailed instructions on how to access the Pearson Realize web site. This will allow your child to access math programs, check for and complete assignments, and view their grades received for completed assessments. The other day I was experimenting with this site and I assigned a page for your child to complete online. When you go in to do these assignments, there will be a due date. The due date for the one that I assigned yesterday is this Friday. These are practice pages and your child's grade in Math will NOT be effected by how well they do on these assigned practice pages. These are simply an extension of what we are currently learning in class and it provides them more time to work with and master the skill. It is also a wonderful opportunity for you to be able to see for yourself what we are working on so that you may better assist your child at home when they are practicing their math in the evenings. These assignments are NOT required. However, it is strongly encouraged that your child uses this site to reinforce the lessons for understanding and success on the Topic Math Assessments. I have decided to provide the students with an incentive to complete these assignments in an effort to get them excited to do this at home with you. Please email me if you have difficulty accessing the site.

GoNoodle Brain Breaks!

Periodically through the day we have a "Brain Break" to get the wiggles out. The students really enjoy taking a moment between lessons to stand up, move around, and have a few giggles! This free web site is sponsored by Mercy Kids. For more information about our brain breaks and the benefits, please click the following link.

Here is a small clip of one of our brain breaks from last week. Click the following link to access the video. For security purposes, I have password protected our videos, so you will need to enter a password to view the video. Our password is "leader".

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  • Homework sheets are passed out on the first day of the week and always due the last day of the week. Homework is considered incomplete if the back is not filled out with books read during the week. There is no limit set to how many books your child should read, however, it is recommended that they read at least 15 minutes an evening.
  • Math work mats that we do each day are practice and not graded for the grade book. We are not always able to complete the back page and I ask them to please complete that page at home in the evening with you to be able to have that extra practice. This is strongly encouraged, but it is not necessary to return it to school the next day. There are days that we get very wrapped up in the lesson and spend more time doing the activities that our work mat entails. If this happens I will not send the work mat home that day because my goal is to come back to it and finish it the following day.
  • Please make sure your child uses the restroom before arriving at school.
  • The weather is not very consistent at this time. Please make sure that your child has a jacket or sweater to put on for recess or even in the classroom if they are cold. The playground behind the school is almost like a wind tunnel. The forecast sometimes shows that it will "warm up" by afternoon, but it can still remain chilly out there on the playground with the way the wind cuts around back there.
  • Library is on Wednesdays. Students are to bring back their books in order to be able to check out new ones.

No School

Friday, September 19

Classes will not be held due to Teacher Professional Development

Centennial Farms

Monday, September 22

Please make sure that your child arrives to school on time, brings a sack lunch and drink (no milk or soda), and is dressed appropriately for weather with tennis shoes.