MDS JK Online

Weekly Assignments

February 24-28, 2014

Morning Routines

Look at the calendar and click the button below to answer these questions.

1). What day is it today?

2). What was yesterday?

3). What will tomorrow be?

Can you say the days of the week in order?

Months of the year?

Make an ABB pattern on the calendar. ( Purple block, red block, red block- or whatever color or shape they choose) Color in or draw in a color or shape each day throughout the month to continue an ABB pattern.

Reading and Phonics Instruction

Listen to the letter songs and write the letters on a dry erase board or use your fingers and draw the letters on the floor.

Complete letter Y and letter Z page in your Starfall book.

Look in a magazine and find words that begin with Y or Z. Cut them and paste them into your Alphabet Journals and then write the words below in your own handwriting.

Letter Y

Open the link below. Write one sentence for each word.

- Yak



-Yo Yo

Letter Z

Click on the link below. Look at the pictures and try to spell the words sounding out each letter.

Read Aloud

Click on the button below to hear the story of The Little Red Hen. After you have listened to the story, answer these questions.

1) Who were the characters in the story?

2) What was the setting?

3) Can you make a connection to the story? Does it remind you of anything you have seen or done before?

You are a great reader!!! Keep it up!



Click on the button below to play on online numbers game called Count Us In. This game works with one to one correspondence and help students understand number concepts.

Writing Numbers

Writing numbers can be very difficult for preschool students. Many reversals may present themselves at first, but with more practice, the correct number form can be produced. Click on the button below to learn to write numbers 1-20 correctly.

Also, I have attached a google form that has a poem for each number to teach students how to correctly form numbers. Just click on the small numbers.pdf.

IB Unit of Inquiry

Doctor and Dentist

Click on the blue button below to learn all about Doctors and Dentist through a web quest. You will have to create a home account so your student can log in. If this isn't a good option for you, please email me and I will link an alternate activity. Thanks