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I have Kleptomania but when it gets bad I take something for it!


  • Powerful urges to steal things that you don't need
  • Feeling increased tension leading up to the theft
  • Feeling pleasure while stealing
  • Feeling guilt or shame after the theft

Risk Factors

  • Family History
  • Gender
  • Previous Mental Illnesses
  • Trauma or Brain Injuries


  • Main cause is unknown
  • Theory 1: Low serotonin levels
  • Theory 2: Release of dopamine
  • Theory 3: Head trauma


  • Fill out a psychological questionnaire
  • You have an inability to resist urges to steal
  • Increasing tension leading up to the theft
  • Feel satisfied while stealing and after



  • Antidepressants
  • Mood stabilizers
  • Anti-seziure medications
  • Addiction medications


  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

Interesting Facts

  • More than 50% of bulimic people suffer from kleptomania as well
  • 0.06% of the population suffer from kleptomania
  • Approximately 2/3 of kleptomaniacs are females

Kleptomaniacs Anonymous

The Shulman Center for Compulsive Theft, Spending, and Hoarding