Zion National Park

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What state is it located in?

Zion National Park is located in Utah near Springdale.

What region is it located in?

Zion National Park region is Southwestern United states.

What landforms are located in Zion national park.

The types of land forms in Zion National Park are rocks, cliffs, streams, and canyons.
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What can a visitor do there?

At Zion National Park a visitor can go stargazing, go to Kanarra Creek, and go hiking in the Narrows.

what time of the year is it best to visit?

The best time of the year to go is the end of summer and the early fall because you still get to see all of the water and when you are hiking with your backpack you are not sweating as much. The average temperature around that time is around 75 degrees.

Why should someone visit zion?

Someone should visit the park because you can do many things like star gazing ,Kanarra Creek ,and hiking in the narrows and you also have a good opportunity to see many different things you can't see somewhere else!

Other interesting facts!

One interesting fact is the park is named after the Hebrew word Zion. Another one is that Zion has the longest tunnel.The tunnel is 1.1 mile long!
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Types of plants and animals at the park!

There is spade foot toad, leapard lizard,and two plant are agave plant and cactus.